Chore Charts
Chore Charts
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Chore Charts Chore Charts Chore Charts Chore Charts Chore Charts
  • $ 24.00

Included are four 9" x 12" chore charts printed on a thick card stock with a matte plastic coating to protect your investment from fading, fingerprints or food. The cheerful hand drawings encourage a happy heart and clearly lay out the tasks to the reader and the nonreader child. 

-The Good Morning and Good Evening signs include what I have found to be the five most important and basic tasks that need to be done at these times of the day.

-The Set the Table sign is best hung near the family table and gives children a visual reminder of what is needed at each place setting and where it goes.

-The Extra Chores sign is one of my favorites. It gives the child the opportunity to choose how they would like to contribute to the home.

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